• For nonprofits, we offer grant research, program development, and proposal writing services. Each year, millions of dollars in grant funding are available to nonprofit organizations and government agencies. The process of researching grant opportunities and developing quality grant proposals is a demanding and often confusing endeavor. To successfully obtain grant funding for your work requires written proposals prepared with the skill and persuasiveness only an experienced professional writer can provide. We can provide the expertise you need to win competitive grant awards!
  • For businesses, we offer sales proposal preparation and submission, custom brochures, and marketing materials. A successful sales proposal can make the difference in losing or winning a sale, gaining a new client, or establishing profitable long-term relationships with prospective clients.
  • For students, we can help you to conceptualize, draft, and edit your college essays. If you need advice on the activities and honors sections of your applications, we can do that too.
  • For individuals, we will create a resume for you that highlights your unique qualifications and help you draft a cover letter that makes stand out from your  competitors.